CROss Alliance® Group

CROss Alliance® is the commercial brand name for CROSS Research SA and CROSS Metrics SA, a private group of Swiss Contract Research Organizations (CROs) active in the field of clinical drug development.

CROss Alliance® is a registered Trade Mark, EUIPO n° 015381643, since 2007.

Since 1996 CROss Alliance® companies have performed more than 450 clinical studies and delivered valuable data, often used for regulatory purposes all over the world, to more than 100 Sponsors.

Companies CROSS Research SA CROSS Metrics SA
Main Office
Via Lavizzari 18, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland
Legal Address

Via F.A. Giorgioli 14, 6864 Arzo (CH)

Via Lavizzari 18, 6850 Mendrisio (CH)

Share Holder

Sole shareholder company
Certification CROSS Research & CROSS Metrics financial statements are certified by FIAM SA
Staff FTE: 34 + Stable consultants: 3 + Free-lance CRAs (EU): 7 + MKT Agents: 1