Mendrisio, Switzerland, HQ Office

CROss Alliance® organization is headquartered in the last 2 floors of a modern building located in the beautiful historical center of the Mendrisio town. Starting from this well connected site close to Lugano (CH) and Milan (IT) airports, all operations, local or in foreign Countries, are followed and coordinated.



cross research phase I

Arzo, Switzerland, Phase I Unit

CROSS Research is licensed for Phase I studies to be carried out in healthy volunteers and special populations with the aim of assessing drug safety, kinetics and disposition; establishing kinetic-dynamic relationships; measuring drug time-course of action, identify the proper therapeutic dose regimens and fulfil the regulatory requests.

Strategic services as: centralised clinical lab, analytical labs for drug assay and pharmaceutical labs for implementing formulation technology are co-operating with CROss Alliance® on the basis of preferential contracts or long term collaboration history.