Centromedico – CROss Alliance® – For certain clinical studies CROss Alliance® needs to avail itself of external specialized professionals, a necessity which is satisfied by centromedico.

image002For certain clinical studies CROss Alliance® needs to avail itself of external specialized professionals in order to fulfil specific requirements of study protocols; for this reason, being able to rely on an external high qualified and trustable team is a necessity which is satisfied by centromedico.

Centromedico is a Swiss health service provider that offers patients a trustable and high quality service thanks to its experienced team, the technological modernity that distinguishes its performance and the required flexibility.

CROss Alliance® collaboration with centromedico started in the ophthalmology area but it is going to expand into other medical fields.

The success of the cooperation is guaranteed not only because centromedico accomplishes to meet CROSS’ diverse needs, but also because the common fundamental principle is a priority concept for both organisations: the importance of putting people first.

To learn more about centromedico services visit: https://centromedico.ch/it/


Nubilaria – CROss Alliance® – In 2023 CROss Alliance® finalised its full transition to eCRF selecting Nubilaria srl with its ACTide® clinical platform as preferred provider. From that moment on, all the studies committed to CROss Alliance®, irrespective of the dimension or study phase, will be performed using an eCRF to collect subjects’ data.

The collaboration with Nubilaria allows CROss Alliance® to provide its Sponsors with even more tailored and cost-effective proposals with a completely web-based and device-ready Data Collection Platform.

In spite of the very positive outcome of the partnership, this solution remains not mandatory for CROss Alliance® since our internal Biometry Unit operates also with other EDC systems, its clients with a panel of options to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Nubilaria is a solution provider with in-depth expertise in data management. It has been engaged in clinical research since 2008 and has developed its proprietary data management platform – ACTide® – which features a broad ecosystem of modules including: eCRF, ePRO/eCOA, eICF, eTMF, Data Cleaning, Data Retrieval, RTSM, Safety tools, Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics. Over the years, ACTide® has evolved with the addition of new functionalities to cover more and more processes related to clinical trials.

To learn more about Nubilaria services visit: Nubilaria – Your data specialists



Unilabs – CROss Alliance®For more than 10 years CROss Alliance® has been availing itself of Unilabs Ticino services for laboratory safety testing, creating a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration in which Unilabs provides to CROSS group a tailored and highly professional service.

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Clinical trials can require more than one samples pick-up a day, Unilabs satisfies this type of request for CROSS Research Phase I Unit located in Arzo (TI) and through an efficient IT system allows CROSS physicians a rapid consultation of the analysis results within 24 hours from the pick-up.

This additional service represents a great advantage not only concerning time optimization, but also to guarantee the safety of the subjects participating a clinical study in our phase I unit.

Unilabs SA works in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 Laboratory Practice, and it has been routinely audited by CROss Alliance® QA Unit, always with exemplary results.

To learn more about Unilabs services visit: https://unilabs.ch/it