In 1995, Innopharma Srl, in Italy became the first company to be established under the banner of CROss Alliance®. Immediately thereafter, CROSS SA (1996) and CROSS Research SA (1997) were established in Switzerland.

CROss Alliance mission was and remains to accompany the emerging biotech and the medium size pharmaceutical companies in the early development of new potential drugs.

After the implementation of the Economical European Area in January 2002, the “old continent” started a powerful renewal pulled ahead by its advanced technological areas. Switzerland although out of this new established Economical Area, found itself in the centre of this “European Renaissance”, implicitly shared due to evident geographic and historical reasons and to the high competence and long tradition in the pharmaceutical industry. This event gave Swiss companies especially those able to operate in cooperation with the new surrounding reality, a strong opportunity to growth. CROss Alliance companies bravely accepted the bet and have grown, evolved and increased quality becoming a firmly established CRO in the clinical trial arena.

Today, CROss Alliance® provides services to a large number of pharmaceutical companies through highly motivated relationships which allows the continuous growth of both economical figures and quality.

Due to the need of implementing highly specialized services in the clinical development, CROSS Metrics SA, a company providing a full service in data management and statistics, has been recently established (2011).

Remarkably enough, all these changes have taken place without any loss of the company’s soul. The intense commitment shown to each project, regardless of size, goes to show how personally obligated and responsible we feel towards delivering to our Customers. We are convinced that this personal commitment, shown by all of CROSS Alliance’s staff is what really makes the difference.