2nd April 2020 – Almost one month has passed since the violent outbreak of Covid-19, even if our daily routine has significantly changed – and none of us got fully accustomed to it yet – CROSS is guaranteeing through remote work the usual high level of service to all of our customers.

On the 12th of March Swiss Canton Authorities have requested the closure of our Phase I Unit to avoid any risk of infection for the volunteer population. Comprehensibly, no information about reopening date was made available yet. As soon as the Authorities will allow us to re-start, we will rapidly reschedule all CROSS Research phase I studies, keeping the planning as tight as possible.

These contingency measures were taken rapidly and are made possible thanks to the efficient IT system and IT staff we can rely on. Unit Heads meet weekly as CROSS usual procedure (through a web meeting), for a continuous projects oversight and updates which now includes the definition, implementation and follow-up of COVID mitigation risk plans for all our on-going clinical trials.

A special thank for the excellent approach in such a difficult situation is extended to CROSS employees and CROSS Sponsors for the solid collaborative relationship that bond all of us.

CROss Alliance® renews to its readers the recommendation to stay safe and invite to treasure this tragically memorable experience that at least allows us to slow down and calibrate our priorities from an unconventional point of view.