January 2022 – Every end of the year, since 2008, CROss Alliance® develops and sends to its Sponsors and Collaborators a tailored calendar focusing on different life science areas. While last year we dealt with antiviral drugs, this year the calendar speaks of gerostatic molecules. Texts and images are accurately selected in a “standing booklet” that month by month bring us some useful or at least curios data and accompanies the receivers for the entire following year.

For 2022 edition, CROSS chose to change the material of the structure from plastic to recycled paper, to make this object more respectful of the environment.

CROss Alliance team wish to everyone we collaborate with, a happy New Year.

We always try to send the calendar to all the professionals we worked with, but if your copy is not arrived, please send a message through our Contact Form: Professionals – CROss Alliance (croalliance.com) and we will remediate shortly!