January 2018 – Following the recent news concerning German carmakers tests of emissions on humans, CROss Alliance® would like to officially state that in its Phase I Unit these kind of experiments (or similar), have never been performed nor requested by any carmaker brands or affiliates.

The mission of our organization is to test in either patients or healthy volunteers: drugs, medical devices, nutraceuticals or cosmetics with the aim of improving human health, demonstrating the safety and the efficacy of these products or identifying potential adverse effects, since subjects and patients health comes always first.

Every clinical research activated by our organization receives in advance the approval of an independent and public Ethical Committee, and, when applicable, by the Competent Authority of the concerned Country (i.e.: Swissmedic for Switzerland clinical sites, AIFA for Italian sites, BfArM for sites located in Germany, etc.).

As a private and independent organization we are absolutely proud of the work done in these 21 years of activity, with hundreds of clinical studies performed, dozens of scientific publications made available to the scientific community (www.croalliance.com/publications) and valuable data delivered to our Sponsors, often used for the Marketing Authorization of products that can now be found in pharmacies or hospitals all over the world helping millions of patients.