January 2020CROss Alliance® would like to announce that the two operative companies of the group will proceed with a merger by incorporation of CROSS Metrics SA into CROSS Research SA, starting from 01.01.2020.

The Merger will follow a simplified procedure because CROSS Metrics SA and CROSS Research SA are both owned by the same shareholder.

This operation has been established for economic and financial reasons, in order to simplify the corporate structure, improve visibility and enhance the Group’s operations in the market.

All the staff working for CROSS Metrics SA will be automatically hired by CROSS Research SA with no effect on the total n° of employee of the group.

With the present news CROSS Metrics SA and CROSS Research SA would like to inform their suppliers, clients, advisors and partners that all on-going agreements and activities, in existence with your company, shall remain in effect and shall be automatically transferred to CROSS Research SA.

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